10 Ways to Improve Scholastic Bowl

  1. Coach your team well. Improving your team has positive repercussions for other teams.
  2. Show gratitude to staffers and organizers. A lot of people are either volunteering or near-volunteering to help Scholastic Bowl. Appreciate their efforts!
  3. Organize tournaments. Scholastic Bowl needs more tournaments, and you do a great service when you run one. Reinstein QuizBowl is more than happy to provide free advice to anybody who runs a tournament whether or not that person is one of our customers.
  4. Organize a conference. Conferences work best when somebody makes the schedule, orders the questions, distributes the questions, keeps track of results, organizes awards, and runs a conference tournament. Figure out which roles are right for you.
  5. Moderate matches. There probably are matches and tournaments in your area when your team is not playing. Offer to moderate. See if you have team parents or former team members who want to moderate.
  6. Write questions. Reinstein QuizBowl writes a lot of questions, but people always want more. If we see your questions and like them, we give referrals.
  7. Publicize Scholastic Bowl. Even though Scholastic Bowl is played in about 1000 schools in Illinois, many people have never heard of it. Get your team on the PA, in the school paper, in the local paper, and on social media.
  8. Be an adult. Care about the good of the community and about the good of the students you come in contact with. Figure out how you can be helpful and follow through.
  9. Contact the IESA. Offer to host a Regional or Sectional. Offer to join the Advisory Committee. Offer to help at the State Tournament. Offer to give a presentation at the next conference. Let them know about rule changes that would benefit the activity. Ask them how you can help.
  10. Work with other coaches. Good things happen when coaches work together. That is how improvement happens. Help coaches who need help, and support coaches who are doing good work even though those other coaches are nominally your opponent.